Healthy Diet Products
Special snacks made for revitalizing energy source with high nutrient value are available for doters of healthy diet.
Bars with cereals and nuts, together with juicy cranberries, crusty peanuts and almonds, sesame and sunflower seeds and also oatflakes, compose a healthy source of energy rich in antioxidants.
Triangles with peanuts and rosted sesame seeds constitute a healthy and nutrient snack.
Also fructose cookies with no sugar added, in orange flavor and with whole grain flour rich in dietary fibres, are preferred by those who avoid sugar.
Specifically maltitol cookies with low glycemic index and sugar free are permissible by diabetic people.
Fructose packing of 4 kgs and for all the rest codes 3 kgs. Prepacked maltitol cookies of 330 gr.

Code 205
Fructose Cookies
(no sugar added)
4 Kg/carton
Code 162
Maltitol Cookies
(Sugar Free – With Low Glycemic Index)
3 Kg/carton
Code 156
Triangles with Peanuts
3 Kg/carton
Code 155
Bars with Cereals and Nuts
3 Kg/carton