Filled Products
Our butter Products Filled with bake stable stuff, include a variety of designs and tastes.
The fillings include halva filling, jam fillings like strawberry or apple and also praline fillings like hazelnut, strawberry, coconut and others.
Packing of 4 kgs and. Prepacked of 80 gr and 320 gr.

Code 129
Hazelnut Praline filled Marguerites
4 Kg/carton
Code 137
Hazelnut Praline filled Products
4 Kg/carton
Code 126
Hazelnut Praline filled Sticks
4 Kg/carton
Code 139
Hazelnut Praline filled Four Slit
4 Kg/carton
Code 122
Halva Filled Products
4 Kg/carton
Code 163
Strawberry jam filled sticks
4 Kg/carton
Code 164
Apple jam filled sticks
4 Kg/carton